Artists That Overuse Autotune

Technology has affected every field existent on this planet. From obvious ones like medicine and automobiles to not so obvious ones like the field of art like in music. Music has a lot to be thankful for and hate as well when it comes to tech. Technology has made it possible to disregard the shackles of a studio and make music anywhere you want but also there is auto tune.

Auto tune is a boon and a bane to the music industry. To the purists out there, it is a bane, it destroys the very essence of what talent stands for , making it possible for even the worst singers out there to stay in tune. And it is being put to use like that as well. Many artist use auto tune now but some of them as you will see, simply can’t live without it.

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The list of singers who overuse auto tune has to begin with T-Pain. The rapper simply cannot keep his hands off the technology, making use of it in every song he has ever created and to the extent that I don’t even know what he sounds like in real life anymore. He is number in going overboard in the matter.


If T-Pain is the king of auto-tune, then Ke$ha is almost certainly its queen. Though the pop star worked to deemphasise its use on her second and significantly less-successful LP “Warrior,” Ke$ha’s debut album – the 2010 monstrosity that is “Animal” – remains one of the most soulless piece of computerized music you will ever hear.

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Chris Brown

Another pioneer, and I use the word simply because of the usage of the tech, of autotune is Chris Brown. He simply cannot keep his hands off it. Most of his songs are heavily auto tuned and he in open of the interviews said that he likes it. God help the music industry if more like him sprout in the future. He sounds more like a terminator and less like a singer.

The Black Eyed Peas

The list cannot be complete without mentioning the Black Eyed Peas and Will.I.Am. The song, I gotta feeling was a watershed moment in the music industry with its thoroughly digitised melodic hook, became the soundtrack for every night out on every college or university campus in the United States and the United Kingdom alike.